About The Brand

   My name is Oyintarebi Isaac and I am the owner of  the brand Twin by tare Isaac    I am a Nigerian born fashion designer, "Twin" is a story telling brand that takes you on journey of togetherness, independence and celebratory moments featuring strong silhouettes, colourful fabrics, bold designs with a strong edge appeal. The meaning of the name “Twin” comes from the concept of balance. yin and Yang the concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces and experiences.

The name is greatly inspired by my experiences as a child and young adult coming from a family were laughter and happy moments were some what limited due to the animosity between both my parents. Little moments that brought people together such as eating together  at the dinner table or family game nights, these were never a common phenomenon in my household.

When creating my brand I wanted my designs to incorporate what I lacked and craved as a child, I wanted to design outfits that can be worn by women seeking to celebrate with their loved ones, not just that I wanted whoever is drawn to my brand to know that beautiful things are created out of chaos and we cannot truly exist without embracing all parts of ourselves both the good and bad.  Hence the name “TWIN”

I create designs that stay true to my authentic experience and background  by using a combination of simple fabrics to create dramatic yet elegant designs further exposing the dynamic of  my up-bringing,  

The first introductory collection called “In-between”. Inspired by my travels  from my home country to the united kingdom  I realised the need for modern day women to be connected to their roots while maintaining their simplicity.

 The recent collection is truly a representation of the brand name "TWIN" . Inspired by nature and colourful possibilities the selection of outfits takes you through a journey of celebrations and happy moments, featuring strong details and couture style finishing.

Born in 1995, with a flare for fashion and the arts Oyintarebi graduated from Liverpool john Moores University and was endorsed/funded as an entrepreneur with a viable business, after which the Twin brand was formed. 

All Twin pieces are designed by me and produced with love and care in the most sustainable way. products are produced in limited quantity and are restocked based on demand.